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paintless dent repair
in Neptune Beach, FL

If you want to remove the dent and damages on your car’s surface without losing your car’s resale value or voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, paintless dent repair or PDR is the best way to go. Our certified technicians can restore your car affordably without resurfacing or repainting by using specialized tools to pull or push the dents out.

Not only is this method more efficient and popular than your traditional auto body repair in Neptune, FL, it is also the most environmentally friendly solution to car dent repairs.

PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL has many benefits

Compared to a traditional dent repair, paintless dent repair is a lot more affordable because few substances are used to repair the dent. Our certified technician only has to massage the car from the back panel to fix the dent; there are no sprays or fillers needed, which makes it also environmentally friendly.

PDR is also a lot quicker than a conventional dent repair because most cars that come in for a PDR leave on the same day, depending on the damage they have sustained.

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